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Nobody Likes Dry Buds, Nobody.

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“Nobody likes dried out bud, nobody,” proclaims Slink Johnson, but properly maintaining freshness is an art. Too little moisture, and your bud becomes dry and brittle, while too much will make you think you’re smoking Moldy OG. Fortunately, the Get LOUD host found the solution in Integra Boost, a disposable moisture-control packet that maintains ideal humidity levels.

When added to a storage container, the 2-way humidifiers take out the guesswork by releasing or absorbing moisture as needed to maintain humidity levels at 55 or 62 percent. Don’t splurge on farm-fresh flower and let it deteriorate through improper storage when the simple addition of an Integra Boost will ensure optimum quality.

Learn more about how Integra can Boost your buds:

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