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Bud Box Live | Bud Care with Grow Expert Brett Harrelson & Cannabis Expert Adrienne Airhart

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On this episode of PROHBTD Bud Box Live, we join Grow Expert Brett Harrelson (brother of Woody Harrelson) and Cannabis Expert

Adrienne Airhart to discuss the Growing & Drying Process, as well as Brett's preferred methods of Curing.

Brett is a Growing Consultant based out of California, and has been growing for over 40 years. Some of his preferred methods for caring and detecting quality flower include the use of a jeweler's loop for visual inspection, hang drying versus using a drying rack, and storing his harvest with Integra Boost Humidity Regulators to prevent Trichome Evaporation.

"These things are great. When they first hit the market, I was like, where have these been for the past 30 years!" Brett proclaims. He mentions one of the biggest problems he has seen in California (in reference to Medicinal Marijuana) is the over-drying of one's Harvest, leading to the loss of Trichomes. "You can always add more moisture back, by adding distilled water but once you've evaporated the Trichomes, you're never going to get that back... and to not use these things, these types of humidity packs in your storage, is sinful!"

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