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Pesticides are Problematic in Oregon Cannabis Industry

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Over the past few months, you may have heard some chatter about recalls on cannabis products containing pesticides. Not surprising. According to The Orgenion,new marijuana rules are getting tougher on pesticides in Oregon's cannabis industries, and starting next year, recreational and medical marijuana sold in Oregon, must be screened for nearly 60 pesticides commonly used in cannabis cultivation.
As the Oregonion put it, "When it comes to pesticides, the label on the container is law.And currently, there aren't any with marijuana on their labels." So how does one know what to use? What's considered safe? Hmm.. Well that hasn't kept cannabis growers from relying on a wide range of chemicals to defeat a variety of mites, as well as mold and mildew – all of which have the power to deem a harvest worthless.

Although, Oregon currently orders pesticide testing for medical marijuana the blurred lines between state rules, inconsistent lab practices, and inaccurate test results have allowed pesticide-laced products to enter the medical marijuana market, an investigation earlier this year by The Oregonian/OregonLive found.

Yet there's good news. Oregon has new rules, which are to be implemented by June 2016, 
to protect the health of consumers who smoke, vape, dab, and consume the drug. The new requirements will now require each batch of cannabis to be tested and tracked in detail. The state will provide labs with which chemicals to include in their analysis, with help from an advisory group made up of state officials and marijuana industry representatives​.

It seems that numerous dispensaries' products have been affected by pesticides. However, this is not limited to Oregon. According to the Oregonian, officials in Colorado and Washington have issued their own lists of pesticides acceptable for use on marijuana. Washington, like Oregon, plans to require routine pesticide testing next year.

So tell us, what do you consider acceptable pesticides for use on cannabis? Lastly, what do you use to keep unwanted pests and mold from ruining your harvest?

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